Alexandra Gucci Zarini Opens First Boutique

3 mins read

Alexandra Gucci Zarini, the Italian-born, Los Angeles-based entrepreneur and granddaughter of Aldo Gucci, has opened her first boutique in Beverly Hills at 479 North Rodeo Drive. This new store celebrates the lasting influence of Aldo Gucci, one of the early pioneers who established a luxury fashion house on Rodeo Drive in 1968. The boutique showcases AGCF’s inaugural handbag and jewellery collections, which symbolise unity and are meticulously crafted by Italian artisans in family-owned workshops. interviewed Alexandra Gucci Zarini about her new venture, strategically located near the iconic Gucci store. Zarini explained, “It all happened very organically. We didn’t choose to be so close to the Gucci store. We just found the best location on Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills is the place to be. It makes sense to be here, close to my grandfather’s legacy.”

The new boutique’s purpose-driven approach is central to its mission. Zarini emphasised the importance of creating a brand that not only offers high-quality, sustainable fashion but also advocates for social causes. “20% of our profits each year will be dedicated to the protection of women and children. This has been my intention since the beginning. I was frustrated that the fashion industry wasn’t doing anything to protect women and children. We had to do something.”

The collection is based on the concept of “unita,” Italian for unity, aiming to bring people together from different backgrounds to support vulnerable women and children. The handbag collection consists of nine models in four colours: black, grey, taupe, and off-white. These elegant, timeless pieces are crafted to last a lifetime and are made in Italy and Spain using recycled leather and chemical-free tanneries. The jewellery line features lab-grown diamonds, making luxury more accessible.

Looking ahead, Zarini plans to expand her brand with new product lines, including scarves, sunglasses, and belts. While she has ambitions to venture into ready-to-wear fashion, her focus remains on ensuring the success of her accessories first, emphasising sustainability and perfection in every piece.

As for future store openings, Zarini aims to establish her presence in New York and Miami, with potential expansion into Europe, Dubai, and Japan. She reflects on her grandfather’s legacy with admiration and a desire to follow her instincts and business sense, similar to how Aldo pursued his global brand ambitions.

Carrying the Gucci name is seen as a positive force for Zarini, bringing attention to her brand’s goals and the causes she passionately supports. “I’m not looking for attention for myself. I’m not trying to hide, but I want to do things that make sense. We’re in it for the long fight.”

Alexandra Gucci Zarini’s new boutique on Rodeo Drive is a testament to her dedication to heritage, quality, and social responsibility, offering a unique blend of luxury and purpose-driven fashion.