Hermes Reopens Expanded Flagship Store in Hong Kong

3 mins read

Hermes has announced the grand reopening of its expanded flagship store in Hong Kong’s Lee Gardens, situated in the bustling heart of Causeway Bay. Originally established in 1997, this iconic location has been a significant part of Hermès’ presence in the city. The newly renovated store now spans three floors, inviting visitors to explore the complete range of Hermes’ sixteen métiers in a space that harmoniously blends nature, traditional craftsmanship, and modern urban energy.

The store’s exterior pays tribute to Hong Kong’s distinctive landscape, featuring a stone façade that mimics the undulating roots of the city’s masonry wall trees. This organic design continues inside with shimmering metallic panels that echo these natural curves and ridges. Adding to the artistic ambiance are three windows showcasing the “Being Alive” triptych by Japanese artist Ryu Mitarai.

Upon entering, guests are greeted by softly lit Grecques lights and the emblematic Faubourg mosaic on the ground floor. This area offers a curated selection of women’s silk, fashion jewellery, and men’s silk items. A lacquered and engraved wall, drawing inspiration from the ancient rocks and wild coastlines of Hong Kong’s Geopark, delineates the perfume and beauty section.

Descending to the lower floor, visitors are transported into a vibrant jungle-inspired setting. This level is dedicated to men’s and women’s ready-to-wear collections, equestrian goods, and home furnishings, complete with separate salons for men’s and women’s shoes and two exclusive private rooms.

The top floor, designed as an intimate wooden cocoon, showcases Hermès’ leather goods, watches, and fine jewellery. A dramatic stone staircase with decorative glass connects all floors, enhancing the store’s luxurious feel.

Adding to the unique atmosphere are select artworks from the Émile Hermès collection. These include fantastical garden etchings by French landscape architect François Houtin and equestrian works by French artist Alfred de Dreux. The store also features contemporary photography from the Hermès Collection, such as “Singspiel,” a striking black and white print of a thoroughbred horse by South African-British photographer John Reardon.

Hermes’ expanded flagship store in Lee Gardens not only offers a comprehensive shopping experience but also serves as a testament to the brand’s dedication to blending tradition, innovation, and artistry.