Burberry Unveils Knight Bar in Hong Kong

2 mins read

Luxury labels are increasingly opening unique venues beyond their standard retail locations to enhance brand marketing and Burberry has hopped on the train. Burberry, known for its innovative marketing strategies, has recently launched the Knight Bar at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental’s MO Bar in Hong Kong.

The launch event featured a star-studded guest list, including Burberry brand ambassador Bright Vachirawit, along with notable personalities such as Amy Lo, Baekhyun, Cecilia Choi, Fiona McLeish, Hanna Chan, Irene Kim, Kiwi Lee, Lee Sungkyoung, Mandy Tam, Will Or, Wu Kang Ren, and Yoyo Cao.

This exclusive bar takeover, running until 14 July, is part of Burberry’s broader marketing campaign for the new Rocking Horse bag. Hong Kong remains one of the brand’s most significant markets, now showing signs of recovery from a previous economic slowdown.

Inside the Knight Bar, guests are greeted with a chic interior featuring furniture and fixtures in Burberry’s signature Knight Blue, complemented by neon light installations of the brand’s Equestrian Knight Design, an illustration crowd-sourced in 1901.

Visitors can indulge in a traditional British dining experience, with a menu offering classics like toad in the hole and fish and chips. Additionally, guests can generate customised QR codes to redeem gifts from the Burberry Landmark store vending machine. Prizes include horse-shaped clips, new seasonal Burberry Check totes, and rubber key charms.

The Knight Bar’s opening coincides with Burberry’s new store launch in the Landmark shopping centre, further solidifying the brand’s presence in Hong Kong. This innovative approach highlights Burberry’s dedication to its marketing efforts and reinforces its commitment to providing unique and memorable experiences for its customers.